Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Olympic Torch; St. Mary's

3rd Lab at St. Mary's
This week was my 3rd time at St. Mary's working with the students.  I have to say this week went very well. My group this week worked in the gym.  We had to lead the first games and make sure the students used specific locomotor skills. The skills that we used were leaping, sliding, and vertical jumping. My game was called Olympic Torch.  The equipment I needed was two hula hoops, two cones, and two holdable items that can be seen as "torches." The students line up in about 4 different teams with the first person from each team standing inside a starting hula hoop. I gave the students in the hula hoop a "torch." On the signal to begin, the students had to run to the cone and run back. They will hand the torch to the next student in line who will then run to the cone and back. This continued until i have the signal to stop. Some modifications I made was instead of having the children run I interacted them to leap, slid, and vertical jump. The students played the game very well and seemed to like it. I believe the teaching strategies I used helped me capture the students attention. Some teaching strategies I used are getting down to eye level with the students, getting excited about the activities, having the students sit in a corner when I speak to them so they do not get distracted by anything, and modifying games if I have to so the students understand the goal better. I believe these strategies were very effected. The one strategy I feel worked the best was being excited about the activities. I’ve noticed that if I am excited and pumped to play the activities the students feed off my excitement and what to play the game as well. This is a great way to have the student do what you want because I guarantee it will work 90% of the time. Going to St. Mary's and working with the student have helped me to feel more comfortable and more confident that I will be a great teacher candidate. Being a PE teacher it is your job to keep the children active and by having great teaching strategies I believe you can be successful. I can not wait to go back to St. Mary's and work with the children again.

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