Friday, March 30, 2012


Hop like a bunny

This week my group worked in the PreK room! I had such a great time working with this age group. I was in charged of the craft that was to be made for that day. I choose to have the children make Easter eggs since Easter is around the corner. I bought a bunch of white paper plates and cut them into an egg shape. I also but construction paper and vinegar. With the construction paper I cut out a bunch of different shapes. I let the children that as many of the little pieces of construction paper as they wanted and I also let them color the "egg." The more color the better! when there were done decorating their "egg" I had them bring it over to me and I painted vinegar onto the construction in a different room. As the construction paper pieces dried they left the dye of whatever color it was on the "egg." The children loved this craft! They wanted to do more and never stop. I was very excited that my craft was successful. This made me feel confident that I am becoming a better teacher day by day. After the craft another member of my group read a story to the class called "Rainbow Fish." It was a great book after that it was snack time then it was time to go to the gym and play games. One of the games we played required the children to do whatever move the teacher called. Since Easter was around the corner we stuck with this them. We made the children hop like bunnies, roll like an egg, and try to form into a basket. The PreK students were so cooperative I was very surprised. Over all I had a successful forth visit to St. Mary's! I can't wait to go back this experience has been a great help to helping me become a better overall teacher.

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