Sunday, February 19, 2012

Hall of Shame Games

I looked over the Physical Education Hall of Shame and was very shocked at what I saw. I saw games that I have actually played when I was younger in my physical education classes. As a child I didn’t see these games has being bad I thought they were fun and so did most of my classmates. As a future physical educator I now see this games to show there truly colors. These games I speak of are Line Soccer, Red Rover, Simon Says, Spud, Tag and Messy Back Yard.  One thing that seemed odd to me was that the game dodgeball was not on the hall of shame. Although these games do demand physical active of the students they do not benefit the students. There are ways that these games could be used in the classroom to benefit the student’s development of motor, cognitive and affective skills. For example the game Tag can be structured correctly and could be a great game in a physical education curriculum. If you structured so no student get illuminated it is a great game. This game could even teach motor skills, locomotor patterns, teamwork, strategy, honesty and sportsmanship, and they can help enhance anaerobic fitness levels. An example of great tag game is a game called Aerobic Walk tag. This game is a great was for the student to develop many skills. Today physical education isn’t the whole roll out a bag of balls type of job instead we are there to teach and help the student develop their motor, cognitive and affective skills. As a teacher one should remember we are the ones that help guide students so why not guide them in a healthy and better direction.

One topic I have some opinion about is the negative affect of dodgeball in the PE classroom. I am personally against dodgeball because I believe it is very dangerous and could make bulling easier in a classroom. When watching a game of dodgeball the first students who are hit are the less active kids. Also you see the athletes of the class ganging together to attack the other students. This should not me encouraged in the classroom. However, dodgeball does include many motor skills and could be used if properly to benefit students. Dodgeball consists of running, throwing, and catching. If you as the physical educator modify the game so that students are not being the targets this game could be a great way to keep the students active.

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