Sunday, January 29, 2012

First time at St. Mary's

Monday was my first lab at St. Mary's school. I have to say I was a little over whelmed at at first, but after observing the students and seeing what we are excepted to do it seemed alittle easier. When we first got there all the children were running around, it seemed to be very wild but as the teacher assistants started to take control and the children started to playing activities everything seem in great control. It surprised me how almost all of the students were interested in playing the activities. When we were finally allowed to interact with the children it made my nerves settle completely. Working with the children made me so happy and it helped me realize why I want to be a physical educator. I can not wait to go back to St. Mary's and work with the children again. I know I'll be nervous my first time teaching the kids but it is all worth it in the end! This is going to be a great experience and I am certain that this will help me become a better educator in my future. Lets change the future through physical education!

First Lab at St. Mary's

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