Sunday, January 22, 2012

Feelings about PED 201 first class

I was a little nervous about going to the first class I was not sure what to expect. My nervous calmed down as I entered the class and saw a lot of familiar faces. Professor Yang came into the room and explained the class and talked about our of campus lab. He explain the location and what we were going to do there. Hearing about the lab make me very excited to start working with the students at St. Marys. My passion is to help children learn new things and have fun doing it. I am looking forward to our labs for this class. Anyways, Professor Yang went on and explained everything about blogging and all the other thing on the internet we have to do for his class. I have to say it was a little overwhelming at first abut I'm starting to get a hang of it all. I never blogged before and I have grown to like it! Its kind of like writing a public diary. I believe blogging will help me get out what I need to say about a certain topic and I feel this will help me in the future as an educator. It seems to me this class will help me in general to become a better educator especially working with the students of St. Mary's. Well, that's it for now my first lab at St. Mary's tomorrow can't wait to see how it goes!

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